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Wondering how you can order a free tile sample, how to calculate the cost of shipping, or how long delivery takes? Find the answers to all your tile and interior design questions below.

How can I order a sample?

Order up to 5 samples from our website free of charge. You will only need to pay for transport. Use the coupon code ‘SAMPLE’ at checkout. One free sample per product, starting at most expensive and decreasing will be discounted. Please note samples larger than 22.5 cm x 23 cm will be cut to fit parcel size. For tiles larger than 22.5 cm x 23 cm, you will receive one free piece of the tile cut to fit this size parcel.

How do I calculate the full cost of my order including shipping?

To calculate the full cost of your order including shipping cost, add your order to the shopping cart, click ‘View Cart’ and click ‘Checkout’. Shipping is based on location and weight, and is automatically calculated. Enter your location and postcode and the shipping charge including tax will be displayed.

Can I get a custom design encaustic Cement tile?

Yes. You can create any pattern or range of colours you want. If a new mould or design is needed, a £100 charge will apply. If using an existing mould there is no extra charge. As there is a lot more work involved in a custom order we can not give volume discounts. Wait time for special orders is 10 to 12 weeks.

How many encaustic cement tiles are in a square meter?

There are 25 tiles in a square meter of the 20 cm x 20 cm tiles and 29 tiles in a square meter of the hexagonal tiles.

What size are encaustic cement tiles?

Square tiles are 200 mm x 200 mm x 16 mm. Hexagonal tiles are 20 cm at the shortest point and 23 cm at the longest point.

What weight are encaustic cement tiles?

1 piece of 20cm x 20cm encaustic cement tile is 1.4 kg.  1 piece of hexagonal 20cm x 23cm encaustic cement tile is 1.25 kg.  

Do encaustic tiles need to be sealed?

Yes. If installed outside, a sealer with UV protection is needed.

Are encaustic cement tiles suitable for bathroom walls and floors?

Yes, our handcrafted Moroccan encaustic cement tiles are suitable for your bathroom. Make sure you use a good quality flexible adhesive. The surface may or may not need to be primed. Your tiler should advise on this. Moroccan tiles need to be sealed correctly.

Can I select a mix of patterns?

Go to our Best Tile design simulator and select the combination that fits your interior design.

Are encaustic cement tiles suitable for the outside of my home?

Yes, just make sure you’re using a UV protection sealer. When using Moroccan tiles outside, it is important to maintain the sealant protection. If not, frost damage may occur. We recommend resealing of Moroccan tiles on the outside every 1 to 2 years.

How do I calculate delivery cost?

Measure the area in square meters.  Multiply the result by 25 to 29 pieces (depending on whether he tiles are square or hexagonal). Multiply this by 1.4 kgs for square or 1.25 for hexagonal.

Square example: Area 12 sqm X 5 pieces X 1.4 kgs weight = 420 kgs.

Details of weight classes and area zones are outlined on the delivery page.

How long does delivery take?

One to three working days within Ireland, seven to ten working days in the UK. Visit the Tracking and Shipping page for more information.

How do I know which items are available?

Once you select the item you want, quantity in stock is displayed in an amount of pieces.  You can place an order for more than the stock amount shown, and it will be a pre-order.

How long to pre-orders take?

When ordering more than the stock amount shown on a product page, please allow an additional 3-6 weeks for restocking.  For handmade encaustic cement tiles and zellige tiles please allow an additional 10-12 weeks.

Can you deliver worldwide?

Contact us via email [email protected]. We wil try to provide a competitive quote for delivery.

Are these tiles suitable for wood burning stoves?

Yes, once they installed and sealed appropriately. Your tiling contractor can advise on procedures.

Are cement tiles suitable for use with underfloor heating?

Yes, Moroccan encaustic cement tiles work well with underfloor heating. Use a flexible adhesive and an expansion joint on the perimeter of the floor for this type of installation.

What is the slip rating of the encaustic cement tiles?

Slip Resistance Testing was undertaken in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002+A1:2013 and The UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines, Issue 5/2016

  • For shod pedestrians this surface would be equivalent to a floor that has an R11 rating (PTV 34-50) (DIN 51130:2004).
  • For barefoot pedestrians this surface is equivalent to a floor that has a C rating (PTV – 45+) (DIN 51097: 1992).

Any more questions?

If the above doesn’t answer your questions, contact us via email [email protected].

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hotmail and Outlook account holders will need to add [email protected] to their contacts list in order to send and receive emails from Best Tile.

Alternatively call our showrooms +44 1424 222 293    |    Opening Hours: Tue – Sat: 10am – 5pm

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